Living Triumphantly

I affirm that the Lord has made my life beautiful; He has crown me with His glory. I rejoice exceedingly today with joy unspeakable and full of glory, for the Lord has done great and wondrous things in my life! Thus, my heart rejoices in His goodness, for He has filled my mouth with laughter.

I am strengthened because the joy of the Lord in my spirit is my strength. Gloom, depression, and heaviness are far from me, for I carry an atmosphere of joy with me everywhere I go. I rejoice in the Father’s infinite grace and boundless love, for He has caused me to dwell in prosperity in Christ Jesus!

I am living triumphantly, every day, enjoying my life, and celebrating the greatness of God in me. I am an eternal excellency, a joy to many generations. I am a savior from Zion, and the Father has given me a life that is superior to Satan, the circumstances of life, the economic conditions of this world and other problems that ruin people’s lives. I am born to have dominion, and to live a superior life because the greater One lives in me. Glory to God!

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